Having provided the Lowcountry with quality site preparation for over three generations, Cleland Site Prep understands the importance of protecting the area's irreplaceable natural resources with environmentally-friendly construction methods. Furthermore, Cleland's team recognizes that sustainable construction practices can benefit the budgets of our clients; both in short-term building cost and in long-term operating cost.

In order to better provide our clients with green civil construction options, Cleland recently had multiple employees partake in LEED accreditation classes. As it turns out, we have been unknowingly practicing many of these green building techniques taught in the class for 40 years. From the way we routinely recycle our materials and strive to reduce construction waste, to the use of environmentally-friendly construction techniques such as bioretention basins, underwater storage systems, and pervious paving; Cleland is prepared to offer our clients with affordable green building solutions.